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Liberator Wedge Pillow
Liberator Wedge Pillow

Liberator Wedge Position Pillow

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Colour: Black

This Slice Adds Spice! Often called the connoisseur's serving spoon of choice, the Wedge offers delivery at a divine incline for deeper penetration and G-spot navigation. The 27 degree angle excels every oral performance, eases any anal expedition and intensifies every single sensation. 

Bedroom Adventure Furniture

Includes: 45-page position guide.

Little Elevator
Bottoms get buried in a squishy mattress. Wedge lifts and tilts for a better missionary position and amplified oral sexing.

Oral Presentation
A 27-degree angle presents her on a platter for oral sex that neither strains his neck nor drains his energy. Longer sessions yield stronger orgasms.

High Fiber
Softer than velvet, our microfiber covers fit like a second skin. Build love towers that won’t topple because this extraordinary fabric allows Liberator Shapes to cling to each other like lovers.

Machine Washable
Don’t sweat the sweat stains (plus all the other liquids love produces). Unzip and toss in the washing machine. Like a favourite pair of jeans, our microfiber covers get softer with every wash.

Sexy Stowaway
Our gear stows easily under the bed or standing up in the closet. If you have room for a suitcase, you have room for Liberator Wedge.