Large Radical Butt Plug

Large Radical Butt Plug

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The Large Radical Butt Plug is a premium plug designed for the most comfort and pleasure. While some anal plugs offer many features, this one simply does it best.

Instead of just the surface, the entire plug is made from Silicone, one of the safest materials for sexual use--it offers a great feel which is safe and easy to clean.

The pointed egg shape of the Large Radical makes it great for those looking to get a little more out of their anal play experience. The pointed tip is designed for simple, gradual entry which allows you to work up to the largest point.

Once you're able to accommodate the entire Large Radical, it features a flared base for safety. This offers an easy way of removal and keeps it securely in place during use.

The large radical is perfect for beginners and up.


- Fully Waterproof
- Ergonomic
- Hygienically Superior Grade Silicone
- Approx. 4.5" Long x 2" Wide