Satisfyer Menstrual Cup
Satisfyer Menstrual Cup

"Feel Confident" Menstrual Cups

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Featuring a slightly curved design, this hygienic, medical-grade silicone, and easy to insert menstrual cups is suitable for lighter and heavier days.  Women know these days are not easy, but the solution to all these problems is provided by Satisfyer with these menstrual cups, which are not only an ecological alternative for tampons or similar but also simplify those days of the month.

Dimensions and characteristics:
Pack of two cups 15 ml and 20 ml:
Material:     Silicone
Weight:       24.4 g
Content:     15 ml, 20 ml
Height:       71 mm
Width:        1.5″/1.6″, 38 mm/40.5 mm
 Suitable for beginners and connoisseurs
- Reusable: to clean, submerge in boiling water after every period
- Made from super-soft, skin-friendly, medical-grade silicone that's smooth to the touch and extremely hygienic.